How to Find the Best Movies on Netflix

This is the ultimate question. The search for the holy grail. A journey equal to the path of enlightenment from the Dalia Lama himself. Ok, maybe it’s not all of that. But hey, it’s pretty important to find good movies, and find them fast! Otherwise, you just end up wasting your time on this planet… Read more »

Insight to My Reviews

So lately I’ve had some feedback from users asking me to make my reviews a little more descriptive. Some people have also mentioned that I’m not “convincing” them enough to try out the movie, or that my reviews aren’t all that enticing for picking a particular movie. I guess I can understand why people might… Read more »

3 Netflix Movies That Will Give You Nightmares

Every so often a few movies come along that really get under your skin. I’m not saying you won’t ever sleep again, but one of these might just have you looking over your shoulder before you click off the lights tonight. Babadook The power of this movie is in not knowing what evil is lurking… Read more »

What’s up with the reviews on Netflix?

Here are my thoughts about finding a good movie on Netflix. If you have kids, you have no chance. Ok ok, so you still have a chance, but if you’re letting your children on your account without assigning them they’re own username, you have no chance of Netflix’s algorithm sticking to the movies that you… Read more »