The Most Gory Movies on Netflix Right Now

I'd be lying if I said this wasn't one of my favorite type of movies to watch. I think deep down everyone likes to see the blood splattered across the screen, don't they?? Ok, maybe it's just me. We'll say I just created this list of the bloodiest movies on Netflix for my own enjoyment, but if you're a gorehound like me, I promise you won't be disappointed with any of the choices below.

What I plan to recommend are the best gory horror movies on Netflix and the best gory horror comedies on Netflix that are actually worth watching. Sure, there are a ton of movies out there that have exploding heads and bloody entrails being ripped out of a person's body, but that doesn't necessarily qualify them to be movies worth watching. One two-second moment of gory goodness is never worth wasting two hours of your life. I plan on bringing you the gory movies that have a ton of blood and are great movies to watch. Some of the Netflix movies below are funnier than others and some are scarier than others. Whatever your preference may be, I'm sure you'll find your favorite type of gory movie on this list of gory horror movies on Netflix.



Raw is the story of a girl who uncovers a dark family secret while attending veterinary school. I was really surprised at how dark Raw got. I had heard that it was a "disturbing" movie, but I didn't really believe the hype. It wasn't until I sat through this French film that I began to understand how this was one of the best gory movies on Netflix. If you didn't already know, the best way to find gory movies is to search for the reviews on a movie you suspect might be gory. If you see words like "disturbing" or "excessively violent" then you have a good chance of finding a great gory movie. That is how I found Raw. Raw is a coming of age tale mixed with an extremely violent practice that practically everyone has heard of. I don't want to give it away but it's one of the best gory horror movies because there is a lot of gruesome scenes. What makes Raw not just one of the gory movies but also one of the great movies to watch on Netflix is that it's funny, smart, and it explores the horror genre in a new, almost sensitive, way. You find yourself trying to relate to the girl as she tries to find her place in life. Raw is probably one of the first gory movies on Netflix that I actually felt bad for the person committing all the horrible acts of gore.

Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil


Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil is a classic horror comedy on Netflix that should be seen whether you enjoy gory movies or not. In the case that you do enjoy gory movies, Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil is probably the best combination of horror and comedy that you will ever see. Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil is the story of two fishing buddies who go out to their cabin and get mistaken for murderous hillbillies by a bunch of camping teenagers. Gory horror movies don't get much better than this if you're looking for laughs. The second the blood starts flowing you know you're in for a good gory movie with this one. I suppose there is a small life lesson to learn in this movie. You should never judge a man by the fact that he's skinning a squirrel. I'm sure Tucker and Dale would appreciate that sentiment. The director of the movie actually nailed it by creating a movie about hillbillies not actually being psycho killers. It seems like half of the gory movies in the past involved sick, twisted, hillbillies. I wish most gory horror movies were as fun and original as Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil. So if you're looking to stack up the body count with gory movies on Netflix, this should be your number one choice.

The Eyes of My Mother


There's a special place in my heart for The Eyes of My Mother. When it first came out, the reviews were absolutely horrible. I remember reading how "shocked" people were about the "brutal violence" and "needless gore". No one seemed to give this movie a shot. By the time The Eyes of My Mother came along I was an expert at finding gory movies on Netflix so I didn't hesitate to give it a try. This movie is seriously in a category of its own. It's artistic, it's dark, it's twisted, it's disturbing, it's gory, and it's great! I remember just being fascinated after the first five minutes of the movie. Some of the characters just seemed so evil. The Eyes of My Mother is definitely one of my favorite gory horror movies. I remember when I watched it and added it to my weekly newsletter. The next week I lost five to six subscribers who clearly couldn't handle how sick and twisted it was. Oh well, to each their own, but I still think this is one of the best gory movies on Netflix and I will continue to promote it. I actually think this movie had an interesting message as well. Behind the gruesomeness, it's clear that it showcases the damage that can be done to impressionable minds at an early age. Above all, it's one of the more fascinating gory movies I think I've ever seen.

The Wailing


The Wailing is a very dark and twisted Korean movie. I find that Korean movies are actually some of the best gory horror movies out there. What's so striking about The Wailing is all the horrible scenes of death. The Wailing is the story of police investigating a mysterious sickness in a small remote village thought to be brought on by an outsider. I felt like The Wailing really pushed the limits of gory horror movies. It did it in a way that was not excessive but very effective. Out of all the movies on this list, it gave me the most chills seeing all the murder and death surrounding the illness. Death by gun is one thing, but death by knife is always a much darker gory movie. Even though it's one of the best gory horror movies on Netflix it's an extremely strange film. I don't pretend to understand everything that is going on with the Korean shamanism in this gory flick, but it definitely added to the mystique of the movie. Another great aspect of The Wailing is that everything seems like an intangible evil. You never really know what's going on and the movie never really waits for you to catch up. The Wailing is one of the good gory horror movies that shouldn't be missed.

I spend hours searching for the best gory movies on Netflix and I usually come up empty. These gore films above are the best of the best that Netflix has to offer right now.

They don't always have to be scary gory movies. Some of the best gory movies are the funny ones like Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil. Make sure to give at least one of these a shot and you won't be disappointed. If you need more help finding the best of the best on Netflix and Amazon Prime, make sure to check the homepage!