The Best New Movies on Netflix

How many times have you finished your day at about 8 pm and decided that you just want to watch a movie and turn your brain off? It happens to me about three or four times a week. The problem is, as soon as I'm done with my day and I'm ready to watch some movies, it's nearly impossible to find a good movie on Netflix. What's even harder these days than finding a plain old good movie on Netflix is finding Netflix new movies worth watching.

The price you pay for finding Netflix new movies worth watching is time. These days it seems to take a pretty large chunk of your personal time to sift through all the garbage and come up with something worth watching. Today I'd like to spare you some time and give you a list of the best Netflix new movies we have to watch on streaming Netflix. All of these choices are well worth watching and you don't need to spend a minute searching for them. My criteria for finding good Netflix new movies will be that they were released for the first time on Netflix in the last few months or the movie was at least created in 2017.

The Oath


The Oath is the story of a father who will go to any lengths to protect his daughter. I was really glad to find The Oath on streaming Netflix. I was close to giving up on the thought of finding new movies on Netflix for the night when I randomly came across this little gem. Taking place in Iceland, The Oath shows you a side of the world that is rarely seen in most films. New movies on Netflix are rarely original like The Oath. I say that because it's not only that the story is original, but the whole landscape and cinematography is something you rarely see. I don't know about you, but I haven't seen a lot of good movies out of Iceland lately. In fact, I don't know if I've seen any good movies from Iceland. The Oath made this list of the best new movies on Netflix because it shows you a part of the world that is rarely seen. Also, it's very hard to be original when it comes to thrillers on Netflix and The Oath manages to put the time in to come up with something we haven't seen lately. I hope there are more Netflix new releases like this in 2018.



1922 is a great movie about a man who will do anything to keep his son on his farm and his farm under his control. It was funny because the first time I started to watch 1922 I turned it off after the first ten minutes. For whatever reason, I didn't think it was going to be one of the good Netflix new releases. A few days later I came across it again because it was literally titled "Netflix new releases" and I decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad I did. What I didn't realize at first was that this was a Netflix new release based on the Stephen King novel 1922. 1922 really stays true to the roots of the slow rotting dread that only Stephen King is capable of. This is one of my favorites of the recent Netflix new releases from Netflix Originals. There are good actors at every turn in 1922 and I was surprised at how well Thomas Jane pulled off the gritty farmer type. In a strange way, this movie reminded me of Tales From the Crypt. You remember that show? It's a strange comparison because they aren't the same time of movies, maybe it's just the feeling of the creepy unearthly revenge that starts to build in the movie. If you don't mind a little bit of blood and gore, then this is a great pick for Netflix new movies.



A woman struggling to take care of her autistic child hires a nanny to help her with her motherly duties and chores.
Madre is an interesting Netflix new release added a few months ago. When I say Netflix new release, I mean that it was added to Netflix for the first time recently and that it was a movie created in 2017. As a thriller and mystery movie, Madre was pretty fun to watch. Sure, it's a lower budget movie, but it still has more creativity to it than most of the Netflix new releases out there. Madre really got killed by the critics, but I thought it was a fun little mystery movie worth waiting to see what happened. Sure, there's not Oscar-worthy performances, but it's still better than most Netflix new movies out there. I think there are certain parts in Madre that will give everyone the creeps at times. No one likes getting taken advantage of and there are some pretty sinister intentions going on. Madre even plays on the fears we all had as little kids. I remember being scared of magical spells and voodoo when I was little. Above all, Madre was educational for me not knowing about the severity of some autistic children. That alone made me think it was definitely worth being on this list of the best new movies on Netflix.

Gerald's Game


Like 1922, Gerald's Game is yet another Netflix new release based on a Stephen King novel. Gerald's Game is the story of a woman stuck handcuffed to a bed after a playful sex game goes wrong. I might have to say that this is one of the Netflix top movies for Netflix new releases. This is my favorite movie on the list for sure. I don't care what anyone says, Stephen King still manages to instill fear in the most creative ways. Carla Gugino gives a commanding performance and is the reason this is one of the best new movies on Netflix. To be honest, there are very few films that create an unsettling reaction from me and Gerald's Game is one of them. There is one scene, in particular, that is extremely gruesome and I think viewers will be a little bit shocked to witness it. Few Netflix new releases can stand up to this masterstroke by director Mike Flanagan. My favorite aspect of Gerald's Game is the unpredictability of the story. I actually thought there wasn't going to be much stuff going on, already knowing the premise of the story, but the director really manages to turn a thin plot into a very interesting one. Like I said, this is definitely one of my favorite Netflix new releases.

If you're searching for the best new movies on Netflix every night then you're not alone. If you're tired of wasting countless hours searching for good Netflix new releases then look no further than the four movies above. I am crossing my fingers that Netflix 2018 will be a great year for Netflix new releases but I'm still not holding my breath.

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