The Best Movies On Netflix Right Now 2018 (so far)

Some of the best movies on Netflix right now are the ones you've probably never heard of. So far it's been an interesting year for Netflix. They seem to have come up with a decent amount of new movies and they've even managed to keep some of my favorite titles in the process.

Today we're going to talk about the best movies on Netflix that have been released on the platform so far this year. I think you'll agree that Netflix 2018 was a pretty decent year in movies by the titles below. Anyone familiar with jamilslist knows that I haven't always had the nicest things to say about Netflix's movie selection, but I've decided to have a more positive attitude this year!

I know all of you know by now that it's never easy finding new movies on Netflix these days. I feel lucky that I found these movies on Netflix this year and I'm sure you will be too!



Meru is one of those movies that makes you say to yourself "Wow, what passion they have. Wow, they must really love what they do. Wow, I would never, ever, do that.". Well, that's what I was thinking when I was watching this terrifying documentary about ice climbing. Meru is the story of three climbing buddies battling against the infamous Mount Meru. Meru has my vote for the best Netflix documentary this year. That doesn't really sum up the whole story of the film, but it's enough to get you interested in seeing how crazy these guys are. I will never understand the excitement of risking your life for a sport but I always find it interesting to watch from my couch. Meru is one of the best movies on Netflix right now because it takes you on an adventure of the human spirit through some of the most dangerous terrains the earth has to offer us. It's actually a pretty sweet deal. These guys get to enjoy their passion, gladly risk their lives, and we get to have our little slice of the sport from underneath our blankets curled up on the couch. While they dangle from tents on a vertical ice slab, starving and nearly freezing to death, we get to stand up and get some more popcorn and another beer. But really, all joking aside, this is one of the most intense films on Netflix I've seen in a long time. Like I said, I'll never understand the need to put your life in danger for a sport but I have a tremendous amount of respect for people that feel the need to.

The Ritual


The Ritual is the story of a group of friends going on a hike to celebrate the tragic loss of a close friend. I have to say The Ritual really threw me for a loop for the first thirty minutes. It was a genuinely terrifying thirty minutes or so. One of my favorite aspects of The Ritual and what makes it so interesting is the very original cinematography. There are a lot of very cool flashbacks (and flashforwards?) in a way that I've never seen before. Also, maybe it's me, but I'm always a sucker for the classic "lost in the woods" scenario. There are a lot of really cool Scandinavian landscapes, and if you like that type of cinematography, you're in for a treat. If you're gonna Google "Netflix what to watch" and you like off the wall horrors, this might be one of the best options to try tonight.

Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes


Inspector Karl Morck and his assistant investigate a cold case regarding a missing woman. I was really happy to find Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes because there are some really good movies coming out of Scandinavia these days. In fact, the country has produced some of the best movies on Netflix 2018. My favorite part of this movie is that it's original. Originality in a movie is a must these days and it's obviously getting harder and harder with the number of movies getting churned out every year. You can tell that a lot of thought went into creating this film and there's a good amount of interesting police work with action mixed in throughout

Tale of Tales


Ok, this movie is just weird. So weird. I struggle at times to describe what's going on in this movie because it's just so off the wall. It's definitely just another one of those weird "Netflix what to watch" movies. It's not one of the popular Netflix movies right now, but maybe that's because it's not one of the Netflix movies for kids. Apparently, these fairy tales were inspired by a 17th-century Italian writer name Giambattista Basile. Although this movie was made in 2015, it's one of the Netflix 2018 releases. It starts off kind of slow, and really weird, but things definitely pick up as the movie goes on. I'm not a big talker during movies but I found myself slowly talking less and less as the story unfolded. You really just start to go down the rabbit hole in this one and you will never guess where it ends up. Again, this will not be on my kids movies 2018 list.

Wind River


Wind River is the story of a mysterious murder on a remote Indian Reservation with a dark past. I thought Wind River was one of the top new movies because there had been a serious lack of movies at the time. Turns out, even if there had been good movies it still should have been at the top of the list. To be considered one of the top new movies on Netflix in the thriller category you need to have a lot of edge of your seat moments and Wind River does. I mean you can just feel how freezing it would be to live on this small Indian Reservation in Wyoming. This has to be one of the craziest winter movies I've seen in awhile. What's really interesting is that Wind River is based on true events. I looked up the true story of Wind River and it was actually really depressing. It's sad to see crime and drug use tearing apart a community that has such a sordid past in America. As I mentioned already, thriller movies on Netflix don't get much better than this.

There have been a good amount of Netflix 2018 releases. Even though some of the movies weren't actually made in 2018, it's still nice to have some new titles to choose from that you might have missed in the past. Some of the best movies on Netflix right now are the ones that you've never even heard of so make sure to give these a try tonight. If you're looking for even more of the top new movies on Netflix, make sure to check out all my weekly updates on the homepage.